My heading is a little tongue in cheek but it’s still a serious subject. I’m in a few Facebook groups, and I see all sorts of questions that surprise me. But what’s even more surprising are some of the suggested solutions offered from other readers.

I want to start sharing some of these questions, just the ones I know the answers too.  Maybe they’d help some of you. Here’s the first one.

“I took my chicken out of the freezer last night at 6pm and I’ve only just remembered it. Can I still use it?

There was a photo attached, and clearly, the chicken was completely defrosted, and from the time it was posted it had been out for 12 hours.

This question has prompted me to write this post. To date, there have been 75 + people commenting on this question, and so many of them have told her to go ahead and cook it without any further questions.

Firstly I’m curious why anyone would turn to Facebook and specifically a mums group page to get the answer to this question?  Of course, we mums are clever I’m not saying we aren’t but when it comes to food poisoning recommendations, I should think there are some .gov websites that would be more appropriate to click on.

Look I’m no a health and safety officer, but I have had some training in food technology, and this post and the answers that have been given scared me a little.

Here’s a couple of answers posted for this lady.

“I do it all the time, it’s fine”

“Smell it, if it smells fine to eat it.”

“If it feels cold to the touch, I’ve accidentally done it before, and I’ve used it.”

“If it’s cold to touch and doesn’t smell it’s fine.”

Seriously, you cant smell salmonella.

“If present in food, it does not usually affect the taste, smell, or appearance of the food. The bacteria live in the intestinal tracts of infected animals and humans.”

Posted from: ttps://…/salmonella-questions-and-answers/

Before you go giving advice you really should ask more questions, and before you answer ask yourself “Do I really know the answer to this question”?

It seems like so many behind a computer screen these days have degrees in every subject. Ok, so there’s my rant.

Here are some things you need to understand about food safety and a link to more information. 

Being a chef the first thing we get drummed into us is food handling, Health and safety.

I would tell my students, this is important to remember.

“If your food has been in the danger zone (between 5°c and 60°c) for two hours or more then you need to chuck it.”

What foods are potentially hazardous?

Foods normally considered to be potentially hazardous are:

  • raw meats, cooked meats and food containing meat, such as casseroles, curries, lasagne and meat pies
  • dairy products and foods containing dairy products, such as milk, cream, custard and dairy-based desserts
  • seafood (excluding live seafood) and food containing seafood, such as seafood salad
  • processed fruits and vegetables, such as prepared salads and ready-to-eat fruit packs
  • cooked rice and pasta
  • processed foods containing eggs, beans, nuts or other protein-rich food, such as quiche and soya bean products
  • foods that contain any of the above foods, such as sandwiches, rice salads and pasta salads.

And here’s a little more information if you want to know more.

Ok now I’ll sleep better for sharing that information, and I hope I don’t get kicked off that Facebook group for having a rant.  LOL


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