Some of you know I’ve just come back from a fantastic holiday in France.  You know me most of the photos I took were of food.   LOL, Well someone in the group had to do it.  Although, I didn’t seem to snap any shots of our meals on our first night in Paris.  I think I was tired and just being there was blowing me away.

The first night in Paris

We arrived late afternoon and headed straight to our hotel to dump off our bags.  Our home for the next few nights was at a Hotel called “Hote Champs Elysees Friedland”.  As the name suggests it was a brilliant location.  If you stood at the end of our street, you could see the impressive Arc de Triomphe.  Brilliant, so exciting.

Arc de Triomph |

Because it was late in the day and we wanted to make sure the dreaded Jet Lag didn’t catch up with us we decided to go for a walk and find some dinner.  So funny, we should have looked at a map.  Walked around a large block only to find on a Sunday night in the direction we chose to walk there wasn’t a lot open.  We were looking for French of course.

Because we were tired, and we were short on choice (in the block we chose to walk around), we made a group decision and ended up in an Italian Restaurant, ahahaaa.  First night in Paris and eating Pizza.   Well, let me tell you. I had a truffle pizza and it was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.  Maybe I was hungry, maybe it was the truffles, (cause I love them), or perhaps it was just brilliant.   If you ever find yourself in the same district and want an excellent Pizza or anything else Italian, go to Lino Ristorante, 61 Rue de Courcelles, Paris, France.  Everyone chose a different meal, and we were all delighted with our choices.






So with our tummies filled we headed back to our Hotel to get a good nights sleep.  The next morning we needed to be up bright and early to start our planned tours.


Stay tuned for another episode of Wayne and Bec’s most amazing adventure.



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