Well, what happened at our first food swap?  

Some of you have been asking about our food swap event, so here it is.  It was brilliant.  

Those involved not only shared their yummy treats but shared the recipes too.  We all handed in a selection of items you’d pay around $5 for at a Farmers Market.  How this worked was fun.  I made up some monopoly type money (Bec’s Table Bucks) and gave a $5 Bec’s Buck for every item brought.  

Paying with Bec’s Bucks

These “Bec’s Bucks” were used as payment, purchasing anything from our brilliant array off goodies on display.  

As we laid out our goodies I took photo’s, then after the event, I spent some time typing up all the recipes and putting them into an ebook.   The cookbook was then emailed to everyone that participated.  It listed all the recipes including photo’s and who brought the goodies along.  

I mean, after all, there aren’t many of us that enjoy reading cookbooks without photos. 

I received lots of emails thanking me for holding such an event and sending out the cookbook. So much so, they want to do it again at our open day.  So happy it was a success it was fun for me too. 

Of course, at our huge open day, we’re going to have to discuss how this is going to work.  Some of the girls have said they’d be happy to take the running of it off my hands.  That’s a weight off my mind, so thank you.   Over the first week of this season’s Bake Club, we’ll discuss how it will all work.  I’m excited, are you?

Here’s what was on offer.  Would you like to be involved next time?  


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