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Easy dinner recipes – that everyone will love

A family eating dinner together around a kitchen table

With our hectic lives, balancing work, family, and personal time, the need for quick, healthy, and delicious meals is more important than ever. We all crave dishes that are easy to prepare yet brimming with flavour and nutrition. That’s why my recipes are tailored to fit into your busy schedule. Offering simple, wholesome meal options that cater to both taste and health. Perfect for those evenings when time is scarce, these recipes ensure that a satisfying and nutritious meal is always within reach.

Many of these recipes are designed with non-Thermomix owners in mind. Making them accessible to anyone with basic kitchen tools, and ensuring that everyone can create delightful dishes with the equipment most of us have. This approach ensures that delicious home-cooked meals are within everyone’s reach, regardless of their culinary experience or available appliances.

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A few years ago, I began creating eBooks as an extension of my blog, aiming to assist those who prefer downloading to their devices or printing them out. Thanks to their popularity, we now offer four distinct eBooks available for download, each packed with unique and delightful recipes to explore. Want to see them all – download here (or click on the individual images).

Did you know that most families tend to repeat and rotate between 7 to 15 recipes? This means that some families might have a list of around 15 meals that they repeat over a two-week period. This approach helps us find the right balance between variety and familiarity, which is essential for us as we have a busy schedule. Meal planning needs to be efficient and practical, and this method works great for many of us! But sometimes we need a new recipe because we’re so bored with doing the same thing.

In general, while the exact number of recipes families rotate might vary widely, the tendency to have a core set of go-to meals seems to be a common practice. This is likely due to the balance it provides between simplifying meal planning and grocery shopping, while still allowing for some culinary variety and exploration. But if you have picky eaters it can be a huge meal time problem.

You know, finding dishes that everyone in the family enjoys can be a bit of a juggle, right? Back when I was running my mid-week “Evening Meals” classes at the cooking school, there were always a few folks who’d pop in, hoping to get some tips on cooking for the pickier eaters at home.

Lucky for me, my lot isn’t too fussy – they’re pretty much happy with whatever I whip up. But, like most families, we’ve got our likes and dislikes. Take Brussels sprouts, for example – I love them but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea when they’re cooked. So, I simply don’t cook ’em! Instead, I might sneak them into a coleslaw, slicing them very fine, or swap them out for another veggie that packs the same nutritional punch. It’s all about keeping everyone happy and healthy, without making a fuss.


      1. Thank you Bec!! I don’t eat any meat, so will try the recipes Substituting with Tofu! I’ll see how I go!! Otherwise when the Family are home I can use the recipes then! πŸ™ƒ

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