Cupcakes same base different varieties

Cappuccino cupcakes |

Cupcakes are so much fun to make and eat of course.  Cupcakes are a favourite to serve at parties because they’re perfect portions and do away with messy cutting and cleaning up. No need for plates, knives, forks etc. With a cupcake in one hand and a serviette in the other, what more could you want?  Maybe a drink? You can’t have everything, forget the serviette.

I used my basic butter cake recipe for most of these delicious cupcakes below.  This recipe is brilliant to use with additions and adjustments.

So you want to know how to adjust this recipe to get each flavour?

Cranberry cupcakes |

Pear and cranberry

This one’s simple.  Just fold through some chopped frozen cranberries, and cubed pear before baking. Decorate with vanilla buttercream and add cranberries on top.  You could sugar coat the cranberries if you want to as well.


Vanilla Cupcakes |

Raspberry with buttercream frosting and disco red glitter

For this recipe, you can swirl raspberry jam through the vanilla cupcake or insert a tsp of jam into the centre of the cupcake.  I did the later for a burst of raspberry flavour.


Choc/coffee hazelnut cupcakes |

Hazelnut and choc chip

I added two shots of espresso to the batter and removed 50 ml of milk to compensate for the liquid, added a handful of Callebaut callets and topped with a chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnuts.  You could just leave the recipe and not add the coffee if you don’t want that flavour.

Red Velvet Cupcakes |

Red velvet with white choc icing and a chocolate covered coffee bean on top.

I used my go-to red velvet cake recipe, but I topped it with a white chocolate icing and a choc coated coffee bean to make it a little grown up.



Have fun playing with recipes, own it baby.  heheheeee


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