Here’s another class that will expand your knowledge in the kitchen with some brilliant savoury crackers that you’ll be proud to serve at any occasion.  Oh, and the feta, you’ll never buy that again after you learnt how easy it is.  I can even show you how to do lactose-free. 

Each year at Bake Club I dedicate one meeting in term 4 to crackers.  We love Bake Club, but it’s even better in term 4 because we can get a whole lot of our Christmas baking done at a time when everyone is in a spin running errands, organising gifts, making lists and having parties.

We get our cracker baking done in a couple of hours and go home with a box full of different types of crackers.  That’s why I’ve developed this class.  Over the years we’ve developed, altered and created techniques to make these crackers not only delicious but really simple to make.

So, I’ve taken the very best recipes (after we’ve perfected them at Bake Club) and put them into a class.  Along with my so easy technique of making Persian feta.  Once you’ve learnt how to make this feta, you’ll be making it all the time.  Oh, and It’s brilliant for gift giving at Christmas time.

After the class, we divvy up all the goodies for you to take home.  Bring a large container or I’ll provide you with one.

Want to check out the class? Click here to see if they’res one on our Calendar.


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