What type of cooking class would suit me best?

We have many cooking classes at Bec’s table.  To help you make your choice, we’ve categorised them so you’ll know how the class is structured.  There’s also a lot more information about our classes under “info” and “course outline” when looking at the booking section of our site.

In all our classes we give notes and allow you to use your camera to capture all those special moments.

Tarte Tropezienne becs-table.com.au
Tarte Tropezienne from Sweet yeasted doughs class
Demonstration cooking classes

These are the classes where you sit back, watch and ask questions while our chef or presenter demonstrates the specific tasks of their trade. To name just a few “Evening meals”, “Cheesemaking” and Christine’s “Dairy free nut cheeses” class. Maximum numbers are capped at 10, and sometimes as low as 8, making sure you all get to see close up.

Hands on Specialty Class
Croissant rolling becs-table.com.au
Croissant and Danish class
Chocolate Macaron with espresso filling
Macaron Class

In these classes, you’ll have the opportunity to make the recipes from scratch.  Whether its “Macaron”,  “Croissants and Danish” or  “Fresh sausage making “.  We have over 40 classes that we run and rotate so everyone gets a chance to join in.

Dinner party classes –

These classes are really for all of you out there that want lots of recipes, cooking tips, and fun with friends.  Dinner party classes are run with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 people depending on what we’re cooking. 

At the start of the session, you’re put into groups where each section creates a set of specific tasks or recipes. For example, you may be in charge of making the Entrée, main, sides or dessert.  These classes have a basic theme like “Asian Dinner Party” or “French Dinner Party”.   They’re great if you love the experience of cooking and they’re also a fun way to learn new or old friends. These classes are very popular for all sorts of reasons and occasions.

Team building events for staff outings are often run at the school the only restriction is the size of the class. 

Bake Club

Bake club is more of a meeting that a class.  Although you do learn a lot at Bake Club, the meetings are designed differently to a class. 

Bake Club is run by Bec, where she offers her time for free.  Each meeting has a specific theme of some sort, for example, “Recipes from “Goodies for Easter” or “Frangipane Tarts”.

Bec organises the recipes, shops for all the ingredients and sets up the classroom before the meeting.  During the meeting, Bec’s on hand to help the participants with anything they need and take photos of the finished articles.  

After the classes are finished, all the goodies that have been baked are divided up to share amongst the participants so you can take them home.  

After all the Bake Club sessions for the fortnight are over,  Bec collates the recipes, makes any adjustments (things we may have learnt through making and baking), rewriting the recipes and adding our brilliant photos.  They are then emailed to each participant. Some of the Bake Club books can be purchased from our ebooks area on this site. 

Evening Meals

These are Master classes where Bec demonstrates two  meals each night.  You get to sit back, watch and ask questions.  Easy

The structure of evening meals is based on quick, easy, tasty, mid-week meals.  Although most of them could be served at a dinner party without anyone knowing how easy they were.

The main focus is to get away from reaching for processed or takeaway foods and learn to enjoy your time in the kitchen.  Learn Chef tips and tricks to make things fast.

Class sizes are capped at 10 so that everyone feels comfortable asking and discussing among the group.  Once Bec makes the dishes, they are served up with a glass of wine, elderflower cordial or water if you must. 😉 


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