It’s crazy; I don’t know why we haven’t dragged this book out till now. Everyone I know had one version or another of “Cookery The Australian Way” from High school.  At Bake Club this week we decided to make a bunch of favourites from it, and these are what we came up with.  

Do you remember these?

Now if these photos don’t get you inspired to drag out your copy, I don’t know what will. 

I have two copies second addition and the 7th addition.  If it weren’t for this book and the encouragement I received from my home economics teacher at High School I wouldn’t be a chef today.   Mrs Mitchel must have seen I was keen to cook.  I was always asked to help with events.  The very fist time was scary for me as I had to make 50 scones and 50 cupcakes for the Headmasters 50th birthday.  After that, I got my confidence and loved being pulled out of other classes to help out in the kitchen, especially maths.  Some of my students and friends might understand my lack of math skills now. 

My favourites when I was a kid were Little Apple Cakes.  

I made these over and over for my brother.  He seemed to have a way of getting me to bake and cook just about anytime. I use to add a little more butter to make the crumb a little softer.  The girls agreed they were yummy.

Golden Syrup dumpling recipe with a bit of a Bec twist.  I like to bake them in the syrup.  It makes them golden and crunchy on top. Perfect with cream.  😉

Goldens syrup dumplings
Golden syrup dumplings with a twist


Carrot cake small
Cookery the Australian way Carrot Cake


rock cakes small
Rock Cakes Cookery the Australian Way


Refrigerator nutties
Refrigerator Nutties



hedgehog small

Bake Club doesn’t start again till next term.  If you’d like to join us in our fortnightly meetings email me and I’ll send you the next start dates or Click here, and you’ll be taken to the classes page


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