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Free Converter for recipes. From cups to grams

As a pastry chef, the first thing I like to do is alter recipes that are in teaspoons, tablespoons and cups into grammes.  Using this converter is a quick way to get consistent results in your baking.

At Bake Club, we have this handy chart on the wall.  It’s our go-to list for easy conversions. Because us Aussies have a different standard measurement for Tablespoons and Cups, we convert all our recipes to this list if we don’t have time to weigh as we go.

Maybe you’d like to use this list as a starting point as well.

Download our Converter free,

Happy Baking. 😉

T = Tablespoon
t = teaspoon
C = Cups

FREE - Bake Club Conversion chart (Bec's Table) Private: Rebecca McLeod

  • When making new recipes the ratios of cups and tablespoons can be quite different depending on what part of the world you live in. Check out why this is the baking conversion chart we go to when converting tablespoons, teaspoons and cups into grams. It's our go-to list when we don't have time to measure as we go.  If you can't find what you're looking for, think of something that's similar. Like honey, for example, it weights the same as jam, maybe you're looking for something with a similar consistency and weight to something on our list??? Have fun in the kitchen. Bec 😉 ebook_store ebook_id="4813"

If you have any problems downloading, email me

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