I get a lot of recipe requests for Christmas recipes or recipes I like to make at Christmas.  Many of which are already on my site. So to make it easier I’ve put ten of them together.  

My top 10 list 

  1. Brownies  most hit on recipe on my site
  2. Gingerbread second most hit on recipe on my site
  3. My Plum Pudding I send this to people that want a plum pudding that is balanced in flavours
  4. Coffee Scrolls you can make these the night before Christmas, pop them in the fridge for the second proving to happen overnight.  Then in the morning bring them out of the fridge, turn the oven on, and once the oven is at temperature pop them in.  Brilliant and easy for Christmas day brekkie or brunch.
  5. Stollen for marzipan’ aholics.  I’m one I love this. 
  6. Cherry Vanilla Kirsch Jam It’s cherry season, this jam is delicious
  7. Beef Wellington, I sometimes make this for Christmas
  8. Crustless Quiche brilliant for adding leftovers from your Christmas feast
  9. Panettone Quintessentially Italian Christmas
  10. 7 layer slice So easy and you can replace some of the layers with leftovers from the Christmas baking cupboard. 

Of course, I have a lot more recipes on my site, I just wanted to get you inspired.  And if you’re looking for something but can’t find it let me know, it may not be there and I can add it for you. 😉


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