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Bec’s Table Christmas recipe eBook (Bake Club 2014)

Festive Bakes from Bake Club

Although this is a Christmas recipe ebook, you can make these recipes any time of the year.  Especially in Australia when Winter is in the middle of the year.

These are our “Bake Club” Christmas recipes from 2014.  We chose these recipes because we thought they’d be fun to serve at our Christmas festivities. 

This Christmas recipe ebook may be purchased for only $10, and it will download immediately.

Bake Club Christmas eBook 2014

  • This is our Bake Club Christmas eBook 2014  All the recipes we made over the last term at Bake Club in 2014.  Christmas recipes never date, and I’ve added loads of pages, full of tips.

    If you love my classes because of the tips I share, you’re going to love these eBooks.  Learning from our eBooks will give you more confidence in the kitchen.


I’ve added pages of tips that I hope you’ll enjoy reading.  If you love my classes because of the advice I share, you’re going to love my eBooks. So many recipe books are just that, “recipe books”. They don’t teach you why and some leave out a lot of the how assuming you already know. 

Why this Christmas Recipe ebook?

We often talk about Chef tips and tricks, but really, it’s all about Chef techniques and experience. These tips and tricks aren’t tricks at all they’re processes learnt from repetition and training in the kitchen as a Chef/Pastry Chef.

My first training was to become a chef; I was hungry for knowledge and still am today.  I book into the occasional specialised class, read and cook or bake every day, and I still love it.  It all began with Cert II and III as a cook/chef.  Later on, I had the opportunity to continue my training with a 2-year course as a Pastry Chef, which of course I snapped up.  I continue to learn by booking into specialised classes from other chefs and learning by putting what I’ve learnt into practice.  After that, I added “Event Management” and “Cert 4 in Training and Assessment”.  As you can see, I love to gather knowledge.


Do you love to Bake?  Or would you like to Master Baking?

I love Bake Club; we often find little problems from recipes we’ve collected online, in books or magazines, etc. I make it my job to resolve these problems and make the recipes work.  I love working out the puzzles.  At Bake Club we have a bit of a symbiotic relationship, the girls love coming to bake, meeting up with they’re bake club friends and taking baked goods home for their families.  And I, not only love to share in the friendship but get to use my experience to solve any recipe problems that present themselves. Each fortnight at Bake Club I try to share my knowledge, the how’s as well as the why’s.

Once you understand the why the how becomes a lot easier. Learning proper techniques have a remarkable effect on your time in the kitchen. Your finished products will be better, and you’ll have the confidence to tackle the jobs that you thought were too difficult before.   I’ve added pages of tips at the beginning of each chapter; the tips relate to making the recipes that follow.  We loved all the finalised recipes; I’m sure you’ll love them too. 


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