Wow we have been so busy.  So many lovely people booking into our classes.  New students and regulars coming through all the time. We have just recently done a great class that we will be repeating in December for those of you who missed out.  So if you are interested it will be on Wednesday the 7th of December 7pm start.  The cost is $100 and you get to take home one of everything we make.

We made lots of goodies that the students got to take home with them.  Above is an Apricot jam with a real Christmas flavour.  Yummy for Christmas moring or drizzled on Icream for dessert when christmas pudding is just a little toooooo much.

Check out my fig and walnut Roulada.  This is so easy to make and tastes so good with tasty cheese.  A great gift and perfect for the festive season.  It’s healthy too.

We had gift jars with the perfect amount of cookie mix to fit in a 1ltr jar, and the best part is when the giftee receives this little bundle all they have to do is add an egg and milk and bake.  Homemade yummy cookies where they can say “I made them myself”  You can do soups like this as well.
We talked about cream substitutes and we made a dairy free Maple butter to have with cake or pudding, actually just lather it on toast yummmo.

Oh and the Chai Tea Concentrate. Little bundles wrapped in muslin to make the perfect refreshing Chai Tea.

Did you know you can make your own cordial  Yep Yep Yep.
I think my grown up rocky road and my easy Christmas fudge were the biggest hit though.
We made so much in this class it was fun fun fun.


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