Last year the Bake Club girls did a Christmas Food Swap during our big open day in November.   I chose to only have the Bake Club girls this time.  I thought with everything else I had to organise I may overstretch myself.  The Bake Club girls are here every couple of weeks throughout each term.  Making it easy to coordinate everything before the big day.  It was brilliant, although I didn’t get the chance to see all of what everyone brought, I did participate by bundling up my goodies and laying them on the food swap table at the start.  The Bake Club girls ran the show and I ended up with a wonderful range of goodies to take away at the end

Christmas Cakes | florentine | tripple choc cookies |  Yo Yo |

What I made and what I took away

I made a double batch of Gingerbread, a double batch of Christmas jewel slice, the same with homemade cocoa pops and Amoretti biscuits.  Well, I was making for Open Day, so it was easy to make a few big batches. What I took away was homemade lemon curd, Passion fruit curd, Bengal eggplant Pickle, Yo-Yo’s, Homemade clothes powder, Christmas rocky road, Sweet Chilli Sauce, Chocolate fudge, Speculars, Raspberry brownie slice, almond bread and muesli bars.  How’s That!


Bec's Table Dollars | | gift |

This is a brilliant way to share and receive at Christmas Time.  It allowed us to stock up on some delicious baking and cooking by doing only half the work our selves.  We each made a couple of batches of our favourites; it’s so much easier to make a double batch of something rather than make two completely different items.  I got all my Kris Kringles sorted and had a lovely range of goodies to serve for friends while we caught up for Christmas drinkies.  After all who doesn’t love food for Christmas gifts?

Lemon Cake |



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