Well for some reason, like everything else at Christmas, I seemed to have an abundance of cherries.  I can’t help myself buying up big when they’re in season. Especially when the season is so short. I think I got the full pantry thing from my mum.  Oh, and I have a lot of shelves.  You just have to keep them filled, don’t you!

After making a sour cherry pie, cherry ice cream and eating a bucket load with yoghurt. I had to do something else with them before they turned.

So here it is.  Cherry Jam with added Vanilla and Kirsch

Cherry Vanilla Kirsch jam.
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Cherry Vanilla Kirsch jam.
Recipe type: Jam
: European
Serves: 5 jars depending on size
  • 1 granny smith apple cut into quarters
  • 900 g of ripe cherries. (Doesn’t matter if they are not perfect but they have to be ripe)
  • 60 g lemon juice
  • 870 g raw sugar
  • 6 lemon seeds
  • 1 vanilla pod sliced and seeds scraped
  • 50 ml Kirsch
  1. Please read the entire recipe before you start.
  2. Place the apple into the TM bowl. No need to peel or core. Blitz on speed 9 for 10 seconds
  3. Weigh in the cherries and sugar and pop the TM basket on top of the cherry/sugar mound. It won’t fit yet but stick with me. Cut your lemons and squeeze them into the basket. Viola, you get your lemons strained into the TM bowl, and your pips sit in the basket for later. Take the basket out and set aside at this stage. Pop on the TM lid and set the basket on top and don’t chuck the lemon pips out, you need at least 6 of them to help the jam set.
  4. Set the TM to 90 c for 30 mins on reverse speed + 1.
  5. In the meantime add the vanilla pod and seeds to the TM basket as well. We get to use them soon.
  6. Once the first 30 mins are up, carefully pop the TM basket into the Thermomix. Push gently and slowly so as not to splash the hot jam out of the TM.
  7. With the lid back on set to 100 c for 20 mins reverse speed + 1. Be careful that the mix doesn’t spatter here. I use a mini sieve on top of my TM lid at this stage the sieve permits the steam to escape and stops the hot jam spatters from turning your walls pink. 😉
  8. At this stage, I took out half the mix and set it aside. I put the rest on Varoma temperature for 20 mins, reverse speed + 1 and it was done.
  9. The second batch I did the same.
  10. Add the Kirsch, and this time I popped the Varoma in place and set for another 10 mins/100 c/reverse speed + 1. I know the washing up. But it all goes into the dishwasher anyway, doesn’t it?
  11. If your jam doesn’t seem to be set enough, you can keep going in 5-minute increments till it is.
  12. Of course, you can do this on your stove top, but you will need to make a little pouch or use a tea ball for your lemon pips. If you need help with the stove top method let me know but I think its pretty easy to work out.

I love this jam on fresh scones or warm croissants.   Oh, if you don’t have any Kirsch and you want to leave it out you can, no need for any adjustments.


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