I know, this seems a little old-fashioned, but my hubby likes trifle, and I don’t like to make it. It just doesn’t look like you have gone to much effort, although they can look quite nice I think this version looks a whole lot nicer. A Charlotte is a lot like a trifle, with many similar ingredients.  I know it looks difficult to make, but it isn’t really.  If you can make a trifle from scratch, you can make this.

Wanna know how?

You need to make a thin sponge, spread it with a little jam, roll it up, cut it up and line it into a bowl.

Then you need to make a creme patisserie (thin custard) that you will help set with a little gelatin, add some fresh fruit and voila.

Anyway, I have put together a blow-by-blow instruction, and if you follow it, you will find loads of tips.  Please don’t look at the length of the recipe and be put off.  I like to give tips where others may assume you know or even to jog your memory on a technique.  Who knows you might learn a quicker or better way to do something you regularly do in the kitchen.

First, you need to make your creme patissiere and set it aside to cool while you’re making the sponge.

My Recipe for Charlotte








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