Yesterday was the Grand Opening of our new local shopping precinct (Casey Central).   The locals have been waiting eagerly for this day and came out in hordes to check it all out.  

As you can imagine, car parking was at a premium.  I’m lucky; I have a relative that lives close by and was able to leave my car parked there so I could walk over to check out all the brilliant new stores. Mind you, I think I might have to do my cooking school shopping elsewhere till the parking issues subside. A couple of weeks and I’m sure we’ll be in business. 😉

What’s that Cake in the Photo?

The cake in the photo is one I was asked to make by Coles.  Of course. lol.  They loved it, and I’ve been told the customers loved the flavours I chose.  There were three cakes in total I could make three different flavours.  Top orange and poppyseed, middle blueberry and lemon and the bottom cake was cookies and cream.  They were all wrapped in coverture chocolate, top, white, middle, milk and the bottom, dark. Then I attached the fondant wood panels to the sides. Filled them with the fondant fruit and veg and ta da. Cake.

Now, when you check out the photos below, remember I’m all about food.  There are shoe shops, hairdressers and beauticians, homewares and gifts, but it seems when I got home I’d only taken photos of the food stores. Ahahaaa typical, my husband tells me that’s why he loves me. Only three pairs of shoes and one handbag sort of girl, but his tummy is filled with yummy food every day.

I took more photos of the Veg shop because I love this crowd.  I love the way they take the risk and purchase items that some of you may not have seen before.   Yesterday they had some fantastic looking fresh pistachios, ripe walnuts ready for drying, custard apples, jube jube and betal leaf.  LOVE IT.  

I can’t wait to do all my shopping for my classes over there, so lucky to have all this so close to the cooking school and home.  I might have to talk to a couple of the retailers about getting in some of the staples I keep my little shop.  I’m sure it would be handy for you all to pick these items up while you’re doing your weekly shopping.


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  1. A huge congratulations to casey central shopping centre for closing on New Years day and giving families time to enjoy the Christmas spirit. I will now do all my shopping here as support for the best common sense I have seen all year, again well done.