Best Pizza at Home (Online Course)

2 pizzas on a metal cooling rack

Do you have a pizza oven at home that reaches 350 – 400°C but struggle getting your pizzas to look like mine? If so, this Online pizza-making course will solve your issues.

Making good pizzas is easy when you know the rules. With my chef tips, you can make Pizza as good if not better than a bought one. The pizza oven I use at home is the Ovana Pizza Oven. When I first saw it, I didn’t think it could possibly cook a decent pizza in it due to its size. I’ll admit it, I was so very wrong!

What I like about this Pizza Oven?

Ovana pizza oven with a pizza being placed into it (and cooked).
  • It uses gas, just like the gas you use in a BBQ and not a lot.
  • You don’t have to burn down a forest to get it to temperature.
  • In fact, It only takes 20 minutes to get to the ideal temperature
  • You can cook a Pizza in minutes
  • The heat source is on the side of the oven, so you can see exactly where the flame is—no burning at the back.
  • My guests have told me numerous times that my pizzas are the best they’ve eaten.

When this pizza oven first landed in Australia, a number of us grabbed them. In the days that followed, I received loads of queries about how I got my Pizzas looking so good. This pizza guide was born.

This guide teaches you all the tips of the trade for making perfect Pizzas at home.

Or, if you want to purchase an Ovana Pizza Oven, click here, and add my name as your consultant (Rebecca McLeod) and I’ll make sure you’re looked after.

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