How about a Free Food Swap Event?

I’m always looking for ways to give back to my wonderful students at the cooking school.  Without you, I wouldn’t be here.  

Therefore I’m looking for expressions of interest.  I want to hold a Food Swap Event at the cooking school.

I can only offer entry to people who have done a class at the cooking school at the moment.   Our open days can draw a crowd of up to 200 people, and this is more than we’ll be able to handle for a food swap event, especially the first one.

The Food Swap will be like a foodies farmers market, where no money changes hands.  How cool is that!

If you would like to participate in Food Swap, all you need to do is make some homemade goodies that your family and friends love. Bundle them up into packages of what you’d pay, say $5 for at a market.  Bring them along to the event to swap with what others have brought.  If you bring five items, you’ll be able to take home five items.

We’ll have to put a cap on what the limit of items will be.  I could think of a few problems if someone was enthusiastic enough to bring 50 items. Lol

Each package must be accompanied by a recipe sheet; the recipe will sit alongside your goods for swapping.  This way people can check for any food allergies etc.  At the end of the meet,  I’ll take up all the recipes and put them together in an e-book.  I’ll email the e-books to everyone after the event. The e-book will only be available to those that have contributed, as a way of sharing in the fun.

I think it’s an excellent idea for sharing delicious food and passing on recipes like we did years ago.  Such a great way to fill your pantry with love.  

If you’re interested, please drop me an email at
Join in the fun at the food swap meet
Food Swap at Bec’s Table






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