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What is “Bake Club Online”?

Image explaining what you get from our Bake club Course

Do you love to Bake?

Then “Bake Club Online” might be what you’re looking for

Would you….

  • like to learn more about creating delicious food
  • like to learn more about your Thermomix or Stand mixer (recipes and techniques are written for both)
  • like to learn how best to use your Thermomix for baked goods
  • like making people happy by serving up great food
  • love to make everything from scratch
  • love to learn a little more about the science behind baking to prevent fails
  • love filling lunch boxes with homemade yummies
  • love having a cake or cookies under a cloche rather than a bunch of flowers in a vase? 🤣🤣🤣 maybe that’s just us? 

If you answered yes to some of these questions, I think you’ll love bake club online.

Some of us struggle with baking techniques. The idea of Bake Club is to share some of my most favourite recipes and share where annoying problems can occur.  At Bec’s table, we teach by building skills and knowledge.  We have many Thermomix owners who want to learn how to create perfect bakes.

Close up of a slice of Bec's Cheesecake.
Baked Cheesecake with Rum and Raisin

Why do we love Bake Club Online?

Our onsite Bake Club meetings have been our most popular classes. We started meetings way back in 2012. Some of our members came right at the start and kept coming every fortnight until 2020. How cool is that?

Since COVID, we’ve moved many of our courses online. It seemed the only choice we had for everyone to join us in their kitchens, still learning new recipes and me sharing my tips and ingredient knowledge. No matter where you live or when you are available, you can do any of our courses at your own pace. We really hope you can join us!

This is the perfect opportunity to add some great, tried and tested recipes to your personal collection and learn how to become a better baker along the way. It’s like having your own personal pastry chef (yep, that’s me, Chef Bec!) holding your hand while you develop your baking skills and teaching you some of my trade secrets.

Coffee scroll biscuits on a wire cooling rack.
Coffee Scroll Biscuits

What’s included in “Bake Club Online“?

  1. Each season you’ll receive 4 modules. Each module has 4 separate sessions where you’ll receive a new collection of course material.  This material will include ingredient knowledge, Pastry Chef Tips, Recipes, Videos and photographs some taken at our fortnightly meetings and some by me in my home kitchen.
  2. We’ve added tips and techniques throughout.  The tips we add are all based on the current fortnight of recipes and questions asked during the onsite meetings. Here at Bec’s Table, we say “all questions are good questions” if one person asks them, then others will want to know the answers.
  3. We share general tips on making and baking, especially processes and skills relevant to that fortnight’s recipes.
  4. We also share any Thermomix translations and what I think are best practices from my experiences. Bake Club will teach you more about how a professional uses a Thermomix to achieve amazing results because I have developed methods that are very different from a stand mixer but ensure perfect results.
  5. You’ll also be able to contact us anytime within the course comments areas.

Ready to join the experience?

Note – For maximum learning, we recommend starting at season 1. Although each season is a complete learning experience, some of the knowledge gained from earlier seasons is assumed.


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