More than just a recipe bookWhat’s so special about these eBooks?

These eBooks are filled with recipes, tips and information on baking from a pastry chef, as well as links to private YouTube video demonstrations where Bec provides visual lessons on the more involved techniques.

This eBook focuses on some brilliant, easy recipes for you to build your skills.  The first season of “Bake With Us” is all about basics and this particular book is all about pastry. Each recipe is written for Thermomix and Conventional Methods.

Easy Quiche Lorraine from our eBookWe’d like you to take advantage of our introductory offer.  “Try before you subscribe” to our online subscription course Bake with Us.

The cost of the subscription is normally $25 per term. So, if you enjoy this eBook and want to continue and receive a whole term’s worth of content, we will refund you the $10 leaving you with only $15 more to pay.

Image of the Pumpkin tart from the eBook

Each term we run four Bake Club meetings at our cooking school.  During our meetings, I share my Pastry Chef tips and techniques to build skills and give you confidence in the kitchen.

With our Online subscription, you receive four eBooks in total. They’re sent straight to your inbox fortnightly after the meetings are done.

Image of a pumpkin tart from our eBook

Purchase the eBook and on its last page, it explains how to easily claim the $10 you’ve spent off the cost of the full subscription.


Bake With Us - Season 1/Week 3-Thermomix and Conventional Methods Basic Pastry

  • Book 3 of our 4 part first term of "Bake With Us" online subscription.  All about pastry and Bec's Pastry Chef techniques. I have some unconventional methods that I think you might find super quick and easy.  After all, that's what we all want, isn't it?    
  • 41 pages


OR join us for Bake Club Courses 


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