This year our amazing Bake Club girls were gently coerced into creating their very own recipes for a Bake Club Competition at our Big Open Day.
It had to be a butter cake of some sort, but there were no other limitations. I gave them instruction on how to develop a recipe and they were off. 

I gave them a week to hand in their shopping lists ready for our practice session at the Bake Club meeting before Open Day. As the emails came flooding in, I was very surprised to find nearly everyone wanted to do something with Lemons. Hubby and I had to have a giggle about it; it ended up being 19 out of 21 girls (over our three groups) choosing lemons.  I had to say something, they all rethought their cakes and came up with the most amazing collection. No fails all delightfully delicious and brilliant recipes.

Some of our girls couldn’t make it on the day to enter a cake; some were away, some were working, some were a bit too shy, even the ones that did enter were a little bit apprehensive.
I have to say I’m so proud of you all. All of the cakes that were made at the practice sessions were all worthy entries into this year’s competition. Next year I hope there are more of you that are a little less reluctant and give it a go.

Anyway, you must want to know who won?

First prize – goes to (drum roll) Jane Henderson
Second prize – goes to (drum roll) Janmaree Richardson
Third prize – goes to Angela Cafarella

Competition Cakes


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