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Avoid these 7 Thermomix Mistakes

Thermomix with a sign Mistakes to avoid

Today, we’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty—those sneaky mistakes that could catch you off guard when you’re using your go-to kitchen gadget. Having taught Thermomix techniques for years at my cooking school, I’ve seen first hand what can go wrong. But don’t worry, I’ve got your back! Let’s navigate through these common pitfalls together, so you can get the most out of your Thermomix, every single time.”

Our time and ingredients are precious, so let’s get started!

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Mistake 1: Not reading the whole recipe before you start

This one’s a common mistake and I see it all the time. In fact I’m really big on teaching method or a little bit about the science of cooking and baking to prevent pitfalls! Picture this: You’re excited to whip up a new recipe, you’ve got all your ingredients laid out, but then you realise you need to figure out what ‘folding in the flour’ actually means in the Thermomix. You give it a go, but the result is ‘less than desirable.’

It’s crucial to understand the cooking or baking technique before you dive in. Whether it’s sautéing, folding, creaming, or searing, each method impacts the final outcome. Not knowing these can lead to textures and flavours that are way off. Imagine cooking meat at the wrong temperature; you could end up with rubbery chicken or overcooked steak, the same goes with cookies and cake. The Thermomix doesnt work the same way as a stand mixer. In my opinion it does a better job but you have to adapt your recipe correctly.

Mistake 2: Not following the recipe

We love Cookidoo and the guided cooking features of the Thermomix, but if you’re cooking manually or testing out a recipe for the first time, the key is to follow the recipe exactly, at least the first time. You can adjust things next time. The right ingredients and proportions make a considerable difference in the final product.

Mistake 3: Overfilling the Bowl

Stick to the max fill level (2.2L for TM6 and TM5). Overfilling leads to spills and uneven cooking, which is not what you signed up for.

Mistake 4: Not refrigerating yoghurt properly

When making home made yoghurt put it in the fridge for at least 24 hours before consuming it. This will assist it to thicken and gain the right texture.

Mistake 5: Ignoring the Scales

The builtin scales on a Thermomix are one of its best features, so when a recipe calls for a specific weight, use the scales and follow the recipe. As you gain experience with a recipe, you might vary it a liitle to match your tastes, or improve it further 🙂

Here’s a tip on how to weigh ingredients without getting your bowl dirty.

YouTube video

Mistake 6: Not Utilising Accessories

Your Thermomix comes with some nifty accessories like simmering baskets and varoma sets. Ignoring these is like leaving money on the table. Use them to your advantage.

Mistake 7: Overlooking Safety Precautions

Last but not least, safety first, folks! Always adhere to the safety guidelines that come with your Thermomix to keep your cooking journey smooth and hazard-free.

And there you have it! Seven common Thermomix mistakes and how to avoid them. Got more to add? Feel free to drop a comment below. Happy cooking! 😊

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