This Asian Inspired Cooking Class was initially designed for Thermomix Consultants but is now is offered to everyone. 

What a massive day for a lovely group of 11 ladies.  Andrea and other Team leaders are amazing to organise such a thoughtful events for their girls. What a great gift. Andrea even arranged a bus to bring them to the event, and she DROVE IT!.   A fabulous gift for foodies.

Thermomix Team busy at work |

Once they arrived and settled in the ladies were put into four groups and all given tasks to make our Asian style banquet.  I go around to each bench explaining processes and showing them where to stop in the method so I can call the class over to demonstrate techniques and tips. 
We start off with an Asian inspired sweet potato soup and duck pot sticker dumplings served with a sticky soy sauce. 
Moving on to mains I showed the technique for rolling and tieing our Asian inspired Chicken Roulade using my Asian Style Vegetable Stock and Herbs,
We made a couple of stir fry dishes one was Green Bean and Oyster Mushroom although I chose to use a load of different mushrooms so everyone could see and taste different varieties.
The other is a Water Spinach tossed with ginger and bean curd and a quick and easy Peanut sauce. 
Finally, I dished up their dessert of Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Cream and Vanilla served with Palm sugar ice-cream.  Just in case because there always seems to be those who don’t like the texture of tapioca. I made a silken tofu chocolate mousse with homemade Oreo biscuit base.   Stay tuned for that recipe soon; I still need to formulate it for use in the TM.
Asian dessert |
Silly me there are no pictures for this at this stage.  Forgot to take em.  I will, however, have a go at reproducing it soon, so you all have an idea of how it came out.
I had so much fun creating, meeting and teaching this class for Andrea’s (Thermomix consultant’s) team.  I can only hope they had as much fun.
This class is now offered to everyone.  I have Thermomix and Non-Thermomix methods for all the recipes.  If your interested in finding out more go to our Classes page and see if we have on on our Schedule at the moment.



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