Another “Asian Dinner Party” for Thermomix’ers and non Thermomix’ers.  I love doing this sort of class and from what I gather it seems that the participants have heaps of fun as well.    I am going to call this class “Asian Dinner Party Menu 1” from now on.  Hmmm looks like there might be a sequel.

Want to know all about it??

The day prior to the event I check supplies and organise the cooking school layout (depending on the class I am conducting). In this class, I organise it so we have 4 separate workstations.

Then I drag myself down to Springvale. Ha, just kidding, I love it, what woman doesn’t like to shop.  It takes me about 3 hours to pick up all the supplies going back and forth to the car.

Springvale shopping |

Yes, I have a trolley; my son tells me I look older when I’m pushing it but hey, I tell him everyone has a trolley in Springvale and he could come carry stuff for me???  But no! He is cheeky.  Dam, why do they have a 2-hour car park limit in Springvale? Sheesh.

When I get home I put all the food into their designated areas, in the fridge or on a large communal bench to make it easy for the participants to find what they need.

Once this day is complete at the Cooking school, it’s time to make dinner for the family.  After a long day organising and prepping, this is one of those times when the TM is really what a woman needs.  Quick easy dinner that everyone will enjoy.   See I am just like you, I only love cooking when I have time.

On the day, I do some final preparations before everyone arrives and have a large coffee.  Once everyone is present we start by grouping people up.  I walk through the class explaining what each group will be making and at what stage to call me over to demonstrate certain tasks, so everyone can see.


Asian Dinner Party Menu 1 menu consists of

  • Asian flavoured soup.
  • Duck pot sticker dumplings served with sticky soy
  • Asian inspired Chicken Roulade
  • Thai Sticky rice
  • Green bean and oyster mushroom stir-fry.
  • Water spinach tossed with ginger and tofu
  • Quick Peanut sauce
  • Chilli Jam
  • Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Cream and Vanilla
  • Palm sugar caramel Ice-cream

Everyone goes home with a full tummy a smile on their face and a handout with all the recipes made on the day.



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