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Anzac Pecan Crumble Cake

Close up of Bec's Anzac Cake on a tin

As Anzac Day approaches, I can’t help but feel that this is a perfect excuse to whip up a delightful Pecan Crumble. Imagine this – a pecan crumble that captures all the flavours of a classic Anzac biscuit! If you’re a fan of those scrumptious biscuits, then you’re bound to fall head over heels for this creation.

At one of our Bake Club meetings, we had a blast trying out a variety of recipes, including traditional cookies with a few creative twists. We love experimenting at Bake Club, one standout was a delectable Anzac cake filled with maple buttercream, and another was this delightful new recipe I’m excited to share with you – the Anzac Pecan Crumble Cake! Easy and delicious.

Classes if you are local (Melbourne) or Zooms from anywhere 🙂

Now, I might have mentioned this before, but I’m absolutely nuts about including nuts in my baked goods, which is why they’re a key player in this pecan crumble cake. However, if you’re not as keen on nuts or have an allergy, fret not! You can easily leave them out and simply double the amount of oats for a nut-free version. Happy baking!

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Anzac Crumble cake sitting on a baking tin with syrup drizzled over

Anzac pecan crumble cake

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Anzac crumble cake has all the flavours we love from Anzac biscuits, all rolled up into a soft, tender crumbed cake. Real comfort food I say.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Course Afternoon Tea, Dessert, Lunch Box Treat
Cuisine Australian
Servings 8 slices
Method Thermomix and Conventional


  • 1 Thermomix or Stand Mixer


For the Crumb

  • 80 g golden syrup
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 70 g light brown sugar
  • 120 g pecans chopped
  • 40 g oats
  • 60 g melted butter pop this in the oven while its coming to temp
  • 1 pinch salt

For the Cake

  • 115 g room temperature butter
  • 190 g sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 120 g sour cream or crème fraiche
  • 260 g plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp fine salt
  • 3/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder


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For The Crumb Mix

  • Set oven to 180 °c or 160° fan for 35-45 minutes. Prepare and 8 inch Cake tin.
  • Add all the ingredients for the crumb to a bowl, stir well to combine then set aside. (Thermomix: Heat the cubed butter on 60°c/3 mins/speed 3, then weigh in the rest of the crumb ingredients, set to reverse speed + 3/15 sec then set aside)

For The Cake

  • To another bowl add the flour, salt, baking powder and soda whisk together. (Thermomix: Do this by hand, your bowl may be dirty from the crumb mix it’s easy enough to do. Weigh the ingredients in a bowl on top of your Thermomix.)
  • In another bowl or stand mixer cream the butter and sugar add eggs one at a time whisking in. (TMX: Without washing the bowl add the butter and sugar and cream on speed 4 till soft, add the eggs one at a time while the blades are running on speed 3 through the hole in the lid.
  • Add vanilla, sour cream, and mix with a whisk. (TMX: Add the vanilla, sour cream and mix for 20 secs/sp4 or till combined)
  • Add dry ingredients into the wet and whisk in (don't over whisk), (Thermomix; Add the dry ingredients and mix on speed 4/10 seconds.)
  • Assemble in layers
  • Add 1/2 the batter to a baking dish
  • add 1/2 the crumble mixture and gently press in
  • Add the remainder of the batter using a spatula or spoon
  • then add the rest of the crumb mixture
  • Bake until golden brown. Start checking at 35 minutes. *see tips below Mine took 45 mins in my oven


Serve warm with cream or cold with a cuppa.
Bake till golden brown.  Cooking time will depend on your oven and the tin you’ve chosen to use, but start checking at 35 mins.
If your oven runs hot and your cake starts to brown too much on top before cooking through.  Make a hood.  Line a sheet of foil with baking paper and cover the cake when it reaches the desired colour.  It will continue to cook through without further browning. 

Want to know more?

Kingston Biscuits were so much fun to make in the Thermomix.  So quick and easy, I may never go back to the conventional method (although its included).

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  1. 5 stars
    Love this cake and the new twist on a Anzac favourite 👏 was devoured by everyone including toddlers. Thanks for the recipe 👏

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