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Airfryer (and healthy chips)

Close up of a Phillips air fryer

Before you scroll past this Airfryer post, take a moment to read the following insights. I understand the hesitation to embrace “yet another kitchen gadget,” but hear me out. Airfryers offer more than just a healthier way to enjoy crispy fries – and I’ll touch on that later based on a recent test from our evening meals class.

Do you crave fish and chips from your local takeout joint?

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Are you interested in indulging more often but worry about the health implications?

Would your children be more open to trying new dishes if served with tasty fries?

What if I told you that you could achieve that delicious crispiness with just one tablespoon of oil instead of a whole bucket?

This might just change the way you view Airfryers. If you think about the cost savings from dining out less, it becomes an easy decision.

I have had a few models to date and currently believe the Philips Daily Collection Airfryer has proven to be the most reliable I’ve owned. There are so many options available now; my personal preference is a non-rotating model because it has such a wide range of options. Trust me; you can whip up so much more with an Airfryer than you might imagine.

Cose up of an old Phillips airfryer.
Phillips Airfryer

More About Making Healthy Chips

During one of my “Quick & Healthy Evening Meals” classes, I showcased the difference between baking fries in the oven and preparing them with an Airfryer. This class is all about whipping up delicious dishes quickly while minimizing time spent in the kitchen. Additionally, I strive to make these meals as healthy as possible, which is why I chose baked fries over deep-fried alternatives. We all know that deep-fried treats should be enjoyed in moderation – even my 6-year-old grandson is aware of that!

At the time, some of my students were parents of young children, searching for ways to serve healthy meals their kids would actually eat. So, I thought these Airfryer fries would be a hit.

I consider myself a gadget enthusiast, but not just any gadget catches my attention. I’m drawn to tools that save time, function efficiently, and offer frequent use.

During my time in France, I observed that children were served wholesome meals like egg and frites (fries) or steak and frites, rather than processed foods like nuggets. Isn’t that fantastic? No nuggets for you – just healthier, delicious options! Haha! Update: Unless, of course, you make these nuggets

Image to show how you can make airfried chips and egg on a board.
Chips and egg (displayed well on wooden board)

Chip testing – AirFryer v Oven fried

So back to the story, I decided to do a test for them.  We made chips in the oven and in my Philips AirFryer.  To make the test fair, for the oven chips, I used a low-sided tray, lined it with foil, and then placed a non-stick cooling rack on top before adding my fries.  This way, the air can circulate around the chips just like the AirFryer.  I cut, washed and added a small amount of oil (about a tablespoon) to all the chips.  I placed a layer (making sure they weren’t touching each other much for the oven method) in the oven and a batch in the AirFryer.

The oven was set to 180°c, and I set the AirFryer to 160° c for ten minutes.  After the Airfryer’s bell went off, I pulled out the draw, gave it a shake and slid it back in. The temperature was increased to 190° – 200°c for ten minutes.  I also looked at the oven fries, and they were nowhere near done, so I just left them in. I continued to cook the rest of the dishes for the night.

When the AirFryer went ding again, they were done.  I served them up with some fish I’d prepared.  Then we checked the oven fries, and nope, not done.  So, I made another batch in the AirFryer they were quicker this time because the unit was still warm and ready for them.  The second batch came out, and I served them with the Southern Baked Chicken I’d prepared.  I rechecked the oven fries; nope, they still need another five minutes.  This was when I opted to shove them all in the AirFryer to finish off.  Five mins on high, and they were done, and I served them with some lentil burgers.

Image of an oak table with chips in mugs sauce and a salad.
Is anyone for a mug of chips?

At the beginning of the class, one of the girls mentioned she was glad that I was doing some in the oven because she didn’t have an AirFryer at home.  But by the end of the class, she was looking on her phone to see where she could get one, thinking it was a good investment (especially when your kids eat chips of any kind, and this version is a healthier choice).  The other reason is that you can use the AirFryer to make other things too.  I think next week I’ll show them how to make crumbed pork cutlets in it.

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Looking for something that might go well with chips?

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