Hi, I’m Bec, you’ll find my qualifications listed below, but I suspect you want to know a bit more about why I’m here.  I started “Bec’s Table” cooking school in 2010. My focus was on helping anyone that’s interested in learning to cook and bake.
Because of my job I spend a lot of time in the supermarkets. I see so many people that are time poor or have no interest in cooking purchasing prepackaged food.  There’s so much to choose from, but they’re not always healthy or quicker.  I want to show people that it’s easy to cook from scratch with minimal fuss.
For all those that are interested, I aim to show you how to organise your workspace, prepare raw materials and teach the fundamentals of cookery and baking.  Once you learn techniques, you’ll be set up to replicate them at home with ease.

We also have guest teachers that conduct classes in their particular field of experience.

Like I said above my aim is to inspire you to create great food at home. We run a broad range of classes for all skill levels. We provide hands-on and demonstration classes to suit the student’s needs.

The equipment you’ll find at the school is the same as any home kitchen, so all our recipes and techniques will be readily reproduced with ease in yours. It’s no use me having a commercial combi oven in my school if you don’t have one at home.

To help you choose the method of teaching that might suit you best. Check out our Class Category page.

These are the two things I love the most about Bec’s Table;

First is the creativity: In my business (Bec’s Table), the possibilities are virtually endless. It’s so diverse, every day in my kitchen can be as different as serving a main or dessert. I love that it’s not boring. There are not only seasonal vegetables which I’m passionate about using, but I can continue with my creativity by developing new recipes for every class.
Secondly, food brings people together; people gather to eat and enjoy. It brings me so much pleasure when people come to my cook school and enjoy themselves. Making this the highlight of every day.


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