About us

Portrait of Chef Bec.

“Hello, I’m Bec (Rebecca McLeod) – Welcome to my Food Blog.

I am a classically trained chef and pastry cook, with my credentials detailed at the end of this page. But before we get into that, let’s share a bit about why we’re both here and what brought me to start Bec’s Table cooking school back in 2010.

My mission was, and still is, to empower home cooks and bakers with the skills and knowledge they need to create culinary delights in their own kitchens. I envisioned a cooking school that mirrored the home kitchen environment, complete with everyday appliances and tools, allowing all our lessons to be easily replicated in your home.

To optimize kitchen space and provide a user-friendly cooking experience, I introduced Thermomix to each workstation. Over time, this decision has drawn numerous Thermomix owners towards us. Our teaching style emphasizes the understanding of techniques, allowing you to improve your cooking and baking skills while also saving precious time.

Although I am a certified chef and pastry cook, I resonate with the challenges of home cooking. From time crunches, cleaning up, chopping vegetables, catering to picky eaters, to creating meals without a recipe – I’ve experienced them all. My goal has always been to prepare tasty meals efficiently and leave a clean kitchen afterwards.

Through years of navigating these challenges, I’ve accumulated a wealth of tips to make kitchen life more enjoyable and less complicated. While we do share countless recipes, many visitors find our quick and easy meal prep tips especially valuable.

Given our global audience and understanding that not everyone can physically attend our Melbourne-based cooking school, we expanded our reach through an online learning platform. This platform offers eBooks, specialized courses in cake and bread making, and our ever-popular online Bake Club.

The digital expansion has been a game-changer, opening avenues for interaction and knowledge-sharing previously unimaginable. Now, in 2023, we straddle the digital and culinary worlds, one hand on the keyboard and the other on a baking tray. What a wonderful life indeed!”

Table set for a dinner party.

My qualifications;

  • Certificate in Hospitality – Kitchen OperationsCertificate in Training and Assessment
  • Owner and cook at The Apple Pot café
  • Teacher at Chisholm TAFE
  • Owner and head instructor at Bec’s Table since 2010
  • Food blogger and online course developer
  • Thermomix Consultant again as of 2021. You can see more about Thermomix here.
  • Lover of great food, Mum, Wife, and a good friend to many
  • Certificate in Hospitality – Commercial Cookery
  • Certificate in Hospitality – Patisserie
  • For those who want to learn, we aim to show you how to organise your workspace, prepare raw materials, and master cookery and baking fundamentals.  Once you learn techniques, you’ll be set up to replicate them in your kitchen with ease.
  • If you’d like to see what we’ve been blogging about, click here.