You must be wondering why you haven’t been seeing our usual photo’s on our Facebook pages for a while. Well, it’s because we’ve been doing things a little differently at Bake Club this term.

Because most of the girls have been coming for around 4 years, I’ve had the opportunity to notice techniques that cause them problems. So this term we dealt with them.

Handout Bake Club
Handout A Bit More than Bake Club
Technical Handout

I wrote them a technical handout for those that learn better by reading, demonstrated and discussed techniques at the start of each meeting, then went on to make and bake.  Some took lots of notes to help them remember what was discussed. I’m pretty confident they learnt a lot and that next time they want to use one of these methods, they’ll have a handle on it.

Choux Buns Bake Club

First up we played with choux pastry, something we’ve never had time for in the past.  I worked out a way we could do it over two meetings, and they learnt heaps.
They learnt my pastry chef tips to getting choux right every time. We made a Streusel Pastry so we could make Religieuse and went on to make some fabulous fillings for our choux buns.

Sponge Cakes

The next two weeks we focused on cakes with methods that are a little more technical. Sponges to be exact. You know there are several types of sponges!
We focused on two approaches, cold and warm method sponges. I chose my favourite techniques for these. They learnt the chemical reactions that are created within each process, helping them have a better understanding of baking in general. We made the typical type of sponge with jam and cream, and some of the girls made roulades.

Sponge cakes straight from the oven at Bake Club
Perfect Sponge
Swiss roll Bake Club








We talked about raw materials and techniques, but best of all we played and learnt. Oh and got to take home yummy things for our families to devour.

Baked Cheesecake with a Pastry Base

And last week, we made cheesecakes. Not just any old cheesecake, we made them the patisserie way with a pastry crust. They learnt about pastry techniques and ingredients for fillings along with their methods of course.

Cheesecake Bake Club
Pastry-based cheesecake

Bake Club is back to normal this coming term. The first meeting we’re going to make some Aussie favourites, meat pies, sausage rolls, lamingtons and yo-yo biscuits to name just a few.

The second meeting we’re going to make cookies, 8 different recipes. What fun and our families will love us.

If you’d like to join us why not check this out. 



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