Now the dust has settled I can reveal to you what were my most popular blog posts for 2017.  These were the most looked at, downloaded and shared from my all of my site.

Drum Roll…. ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..

  1. Still the most downloaded ever Best Thermomix Brownies.  Which now has the conventional method as well because I was asked to share.

    Brownies with white velvet choc chips
    Bec’s best brownies
  2. The New Bake Club Ebook.  Last year we made a new ebook of our amazing recipes from the last term 2017.  It’s filled with brilliant recipes that we love. Bec's Table ebook cover |
  3. The favourite for using up leftovers and making a quick meal my Thermomix Crustless Quiche.     Bec's Crustless Quiche |
  4.  Coffee Scrolls, these are brilliant.  They can be made the day before, left in the fridge to do their final rising then baked.  I make a batch, bake them off and freeze them.  Hungry grandsons love them. 😉

    Coffee Scrolls
  5. The most recent of all these posts was the Ratatouille Butter Cake.  It seems to have been popular for just taking a look but also for downloading the recipe.  I love this cake.  It’s so easy to make, and it tastes divine.  Brilliant for any cake that needs decorating as well.

    Ratatouille |
    Ratatouille cake with a Blue cheese look inside. NO NOT TASTE 😉
  6. Last but not least, this one is another that seems to always make it on the list.  I’ve listed the recipe for the Thermomix and Conventional methods.  You know this gingerbread lasts for at least a couple of months.  Great for Easter too.  



Hope you have some fun reflecting or catching up on what you missed. 😉


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