Wild Fish Restaurant

Wild Fish
Wild Fish is a Waterfront Restaurant in the sleepy fishing village of Port Albert Victoria.  You would be totally forgiven if you missed this place whilst driving around.  We did 6 months ago when passing through the town one sunny afternoon looking for something to do.
It wasn’t till a friend recommended it that we thought that next time were down that we would have to make a reservation and we did. 
Specialising in seafood, of course, with the name “Wild Fish” what else would you expect.   The modern Australian menu is just the right size for them to make each dish amazing and just the right size for the customer to have whatever their taste desires.



After talking to our lovely waitress, asking her if it was ok to take photos of the meals we ordered, she befriended us and helped us make our choices along the way.  Although I am sure she does this for all their customers.  This first course of scallops was so yummy.  When I looked at them I thought he sauce would have completely taken over the flavour but they were amazing with a little kick of heat from the chilly and the fresh sea flavour was perfect.
Tasmanian Oysters.  These oysters were fresh and creamy. Absolutely amazing. You will notice that there are some natural and another type on the plate.  The other oysters were the Chefs Special “Baked oysters with Vietnamese mint, chili and sesame oil”.   I actually preferred the fresh but who am I to say. 
Chilli, ginger mussels with lemongrass and coriander; Mussels are a great dish for weight watchers, you think you are getting a big meal but when it all boils down to it you send back to the kitchen almost as much as they sent out.   Look how fresh and plump these little beauties are.
Fillet of duck fish.
I had to have this.  I have never heard of a duck fish before but apparently it’s a fish found in the area and when it’s on the menu the locals flood in to have a bite.  This fish is firm but not dry at all. I loved it, it has been plated up in a sauce of presecco and lime jus with sautéed summer vegetables.  oh and the veggies were great as well, so full of flavour.
Crisp fried King George whiting with béarnaise sauce, green salad and thick chips.  This had to be my hubbies favourite. The batter on this fish was perfect encapsulating the tender flaky fish inside. Mouth-watering yet?
Chocolate and macadamia tart served with double cream.  This was just like my chocolate tart but instead of hazelnuts with macadamias.  Might just have to put an aussie spin on it myself next time.  If you have never tried my chocolate tart you must, I only put my best recipes on my blog.
Semi freddo local berry pudding with blueberry Chantilly cream.
If you have never had a semi freddo before you have to consider making one.   Semi freddo means semi frozen, It is like an ice-cream desert cake that you don’t need a churning machine for.  It’s sort of like a frozen mousse, light and soft in texture.  You can make them in all sorts of flavours. Delicious  hummm must pull out that recipe for mascarpone praline semi freddo. 
By the time we got to this we were most decidedly full.  But it was so good we both shared it with such enthusiasm.   This is, on the menu called “Something else”.  And it was.  Fried aged camembert perfumed with truffle oil and served with a cranberry and sweet chilli confit.  At first glance of the menu I couldn’t get my head around the flavour profile of this dish.  I was thrown by the sweet chilli confit.  I for some reason was thinking the Asian inspired sweet chilli with its deep garlic sweet tangy flavour mixed in with truffle and camembert.  But as our waitress said we must try it I am glad we did.  The sauce wasn’t Asian inspired at all it was a sweet cranberry/chilli hit.  I loved this dish so much I made my version of it for a group of friends on Australia day.  I have to say we did the same thing we were all very full after a big lunchtime meal of smoked pork and lamb with loads of salads and duck fat roasted potatoes but after the first little mouthful of this we had to finish of the two wheels of double brie.  Something fun about a large group of people standing around in the kitchen while I deep fry tasty morsels for them to take turns in scoffing.  heheheeeee

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