Whoopie Pies

 Well if you have never heard of the whoopie pie watch this space


they are going to take over from the cupcake.

They are incredibly moreish little morsels, that taste divine.   In my opinion they are better for taste than the cupcake because you don’t get a mouthful of just topping or just cake but a mouthful of both at the same time.  Even if you have a big mouth like me I struggle to wrap my lips around an icing topped cupcake and not look incredibly uncultured.  When you bite into one of these you won’t be disappointed with the calorie count or what you look like as you take a bite.  lol

 Check them out, these have been put together unglazed and their already looking so tempting

The finished product is just yelling “EAT ME”.  I have used my chocolate glaze recipe to give them a shiny coat and then sprinkled raspberry dust on top to give them a sour note.  They are filled with a salted peanut and Philly cream centre and the cake is similar to a chocolate mud but just a tiny bit lighter.   Of course you could make baby ones of these that way having 2  or even 3 would be ok by me heheheee
I am doing a class on these in October so check the calendar on http://www.becs-table.com.au/calendar/default.html

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