Vegetarian Cooking Class

Christine’s Vegetarian class was filled to the brim with great participants and lots of food.  The participants had a wonderful time cooking their way to a fantastic lunch comprising of things such as spectacular Vegetable Curries, Dahl and Parathas (beautiful mung bean based chapattis/flatbreads) to making Paneer (cheese) and amazing condiments.  We finished off with some really scrumptious desserts and snacks that were easy to make. 
Everyone walked away with very content tummy’s and a fantastic recipe book loaded with information about the best Vegetarian food choices and combinations to make, based on the principles if Ayurvedic Medicine an age old system of living and eating from India.  Whether you are already a Vegetarian or want to incorporate more Vegetarian based food into your diet this class is for you.
All in all a fun day giving those who attended lots of food for thought…pardon the pun. 
If you would like to be a part of the next Vegetarian class stay tuned to our website for upcoming dates.  Christine has the Soul Nourishing class coming up at the end of April which explores the principles of Ayurveda in depth, body types ar explored along with how to bring your body back to balance quickly through the art of choosing the correct foods and spices for your own body.  We explore the 6 Tastes along with the principles if good Ayurvedic Nutrition.  It is a 2 Day hands on class where you will take away a wealth of knowledge, lots of recipes and a happy tummy.  You will have the knowledge to keep your body in a more healthy balanced state simply through the use of food.

Author: Bec


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