Vegetarian Cooking Class by Christine.

This class was fully booked and fully sic!  Sorry too many petrol heads hanging around our place at the moment and when you’re trying to fight the over the hill thing.  Gosh still can’t believe I’m a Nana. My Nan was old! Lol

An array of fresh produce that was used in the class

Anyway back to the Class.
Christine and her team of 9 made some delicious moreish food.  I know because I kept popping in to have a taste.  
Some of the pantry staples that are used everyday by home cooks

Christine teaching while cooking the Dahl

Christine’s class started off with a handout, more like a book really, full of recipes and essential information for vegetarians or people that want to reduce their meat intake.  At Bec’s table we know it’s hard to remember everything from a class, especially when loads of information is thrown at you in a few short hours so we always back our lesson plans up with great handouts that you will be able to keep and refer to whenever the need arises
Down to business.  Christine discloses some of her favourite recipes and has her team working in groups to prepare the feast to come. I love this time in the kitchen when everyone is working together learning from this sensory experience.  
At the end of the class Christine and the students sat in the dining room to eat their meal and in the traditional Italian style, Christine organised a feast for the eyes, tummies and senses.
So many yummy dishes were made it was hard to know where to start.  The students all had bonded together and passed plates of food around discussing their favourites and trying to remember to leave room for sweets.

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