Have you wondered about what all the hype is about over Fermented drinks and veggies?  Well come along and find out. 

This easy to understand class will show you all the basics to making many of your own fermented foods and drinks.  In no time you’ll be able to transform your kitchen into a brewing hub for probiotic rich drinks such as Kombucha, Kefir and Kvass and many different combinations of fermented Vegetables and fruits.

Taking it one step further, we’ll be creating a number of delicious staple dishes. These foods can be included to everyday meals making their use easy and really tasty.

We’ll discuss all the amazing health giving benefits of fermentation by including a little of these foods in your diets each day. 

This old-fashioned way of preserving food is the way for us all to have more energy, stabilize our weight, boost our immunity, balance hormones and have much more clarity in our thought processes, amongst many other benefits. A healthy gut full of friendly probiotics are paramount to good health on all levels.

At the completion of the class you’ll have all the information you need, along with some bits and pieces to get you started.  I’ve included these foods in my diet each day for about 2 years now and it’s changed my life in many positive ways.  I no longer get the bugs that do the rounds, my hormones are much more balanced and I have much more energy and clarity in my mind.

Come and join me for this fun and delicious class.
Christine Taranto
Whole Food Cook
Food and Spirit Practitioner

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