Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits

Whatever you want to call them Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits these are delicious.  It’s hard to remember all the recipes we make at Bake Club; recently I was reminded of these. Over three years now and 40 recipes per term, that’s a whole lot of baking.  I’m not good with math, but Continue reading “Mandorlas or Amoretti biscuits”

Bec’s Table Christmas recipe eBook (Bake Club 2014)

Festive Bakes from Bake Club

Although this is a Christmas recipe ebook, you can make these recipes any time of the year.  Especially in Australia when Winter is in the middle of the year.

These are our “Bake Club” Christmas recipes from 2014.  We chose these recipes because we thought they’d be fun to serve at our Christmas festivities.  Continue reading “Bec’s Table Christmas recipe eBook (Bake Club 2014)”