Swiss Meringue Buttercream in the Thermomix

This recipe makes enough to cover a 20 x 20cm cake. approximately 3 cups

As you can see it is quite yellow, that’s because I have used real butter. If you want it to be white, you can either use vegetable shortening, (cringe) or add white food colouring, which is usually in the form of Titanium dioxide.  Sounds bad doesn’t it?  Well, there is a food grade titanium dioxide, and it’s used extensively in the food industry.  I am not saying that, that makes it ok, I am just saying, if for a special occasion you want white, or to start with a white base, this is the way you will have to go. I personally would rather use the white colouring than the shortening.  I don’t like the flavour or mouth feel of shortening much.


180 g egg whites  (that’s about 5- 6 egg whites)

300 g sugar

450 g butter cut in cubes

1/4 tsp salt

*food colouring as desired

*flavouring as desired


Add your sugar and egg whites to the TM bowl with the butterfly in place.  Set the temperature to 70°c for 8 minutes on speed 3.5.

Then set the timer for 10 mins and continue to whip the whites as the mix is cooling set the speed to 3 with no heat.  

Once the mix has cooled, doubled in volume and peaks have formed slowly start adding the cubed butter into the TM bowl while the butterfly is spinning.  Dont worry if the mix looks like it has separated it will come together with a bit more mixing.

Add the salt, flavouring and colouring as desired and stir till cleared through.

* Flavouring can be 2 tsp of vanilla (the real stuff of course) or the zest and juice of a lemon, lime or orange. What about cocoa powder, instant coffee powder not granules (or make the granules powder in the TM first) I could go on and on.

* Colours.  If I’m not going to use natural colours and I need something for a special occasion I will use gel, paste or powder colours.  for many of the things I make the liquid colours arent suitable so I don’t purchase them anymore. But as long as you’re not using too much they should be ok in this recipe or it will all become to liquid.



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