Sour Dough With Rick

Rick Lavender from Thermie Veteran’s is doing a class at Bec’s Table on Sour Dough bread making in your Thermomix.

I know many of you out there have been wanting a class on Sour Dough for ages.  Well here’s your opportunity.  Come along a learn with Rick.

Bookings can be made via his link below.

Sourdough with your Thermie

Wednesday October 30th, 11am

Sourdough bread making can be a bit of a mystery, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Thermie veteran, Rick Lavender has been making sourdough bread for ages, adapting this ancient technique to 21st century technology.


Use your Thermie to invigorate your sourdough starter, so it will be super active, knead sticky dough without getting into a terrible mess.

Learn traditional shaping and scoring techniques so that your loaf rises the way you want it to. Use that sourdough culture for more than just bread and what to look for in a bread tin.


Rick demonstrates and explains all the steps involved in making a great sourdough loaf before baking one for you. You will know exactly what to do when you get home.

And that’s great because….. you go home with a loaf you have shaped in its tin, ready to bake in a few hours, as well as a batch of dough that will be ready to bake the next day and of course your own batch of sourdough starter.

It’s okay you will have all the knowledge you need to turn these things into great sourdough bread on your own. And there are comprehensive notes to remind you how things go….. it isn’t always easy to remember everything once you leave a class is it?

You will need a heavy duty 450g bread tin for this class….. let us know if you need one and we will supply a quality Australian made tin for $30.


This class is held at Bec’s Table in Narre Warren, 286 Pound Rd Narre Warren South, Victoria.


For bookings and more info go to:


Love to hear from you!