School Holiday Fun at Bec’s Table

We have loads of fun in our kiddies cupcake class.  The class begins by learning how to make cupcakes from scratch.   We talk about the process of making the cake, and why each step is important when baking.  I show them all how to make square and heart-shaped cupcakes and what sort of things can be added to the batter for extra yumminess. At each stage, without them knowing it, I help teach them to be clean and organised.  You have to be sneaky sometimes hehehe  Really important for the kiddies to know this step, especially if they want to do a lot of baking.

Then its decorating time, 6 different designs, that I change from time to time.  I have loads of kiddies that want to come again and again.  This way they can learn something new.  Each design is made, step by step, so all the students have time to follow and create the same results.

I have hugs and thankyou’s  from loads of the kiddies which just makes my day. I’m always astonished at how well-behaved and intent on learning these kiddies are. I suppose it’s because they are kept busy for the entire class, and love to play with food.  hehehee

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