Salami class has changed

We have Changed the Class from Sunday to Saturday and the content has changed a little


The weather is warming up and its probably not the best time to find a spot to hang your preserved meats now.  So we have changed our class a little.  This class will now, include me demonstrating how to make Capocollo then you will have the opportunity to make your own to take home. After lunch we will move on to an afternoon of fresh sausage making.  If you have never had fresh sausages (home made) before you have never had the real thing.  No fillers, No preservatives and No artificial colours.  Just real meat and real flavour.  I will demonstrate how to make fresh sausages using real casings and discuss why I chose to use them. We will produce 3 different flavour blends from start to finish.  A light lunch will be provided and what ever produce is left over at the end of the day, will be distributed amongst the class for you to take home to share with your families.




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