Raw Food Class at Bec’s Table

There are two Raw Food classes available now at Bec’s Table.

The first is a hands on comprehensive guide on how to introduce Raw Foods into your everyday life.  From Green Smoothies, Nut Milks, Super Quick breakkie ideas, to easy main meals and desserts.

The line-up continues with energy delivering super snacks that are super yummy too.

If you think raw sounds boring, hows this?

  • Quick and easy Raw Lasagna,
  • Asian Laksa and
  • Raw Sushi.

These recipes prove that eating raw doesn’t have to be bland, they’re certainly a treat for your taste buds.

Christine and Narelle will help you to understand the fundamentals of eating raw.  Although, how much you choose to incorporate into your daily life is up to you, they’ll guide you on how to balance and plan your meals for maximum health. 

The second in the series, is a demonstration class.  Once you understand the basics and you’ve started eating and feeling the benefits of raw, we know you’l want more amazing recipes and ideas.

So, the second class will have recipes like:

  • Breakfast Spanish nut scramble,
  • a raw version of an omelette which will send your taste buds into a frenzy.
  • Orange Burst Breakfast Bars and
  • a great breakfast idea for brekkie on the run. 

We’ll explore snacks such as

  • Cheesy Kale Chips,
  • Dips and appropriate accompaniments.
  • Sweet snacks such will include Gingernut Cookies,
  • Lemon Slice and
  • quick take anywhere energy snacks. 

On to mains that are quick and easy to make,

  • Raw soups,
  • Raw Tabouli and  much more.  

Along the way we cover many interesting ways to make “Raw” work into your daily life, covering meal planning, creating balanced raw meals and keeping your family happy, whilst giving them more healthy options each day. 

So come along enter a world of fantastic tastes, textures and ideas

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