Porridge in the Thermomix

Caramalised apples and porridge for breakfast.
I love porridge and I know that quick oats aren’t as good for us as the plain old rolled oats so before I got my Thermomix I didn’t really eat them much.  They take so long too cook the conventional way.  Having to stand over the saucepan for 10 minutes while you stir, stir stir, sheesh who’s got time for that these days.

For those of you that don’t know, if you have milk and oats in a pot and cook it over a low flame and don’t keep stirring your mix you will have a burnt bottom.  No, the pan bottom silly.

Well of course this is another dish I can now take complete pleasure from, in the cooking and the eating, due to my best friend in the kitchen Thermomix.


The ingredients that make it special


I was reading through one of my Delicious magazines the other day and came across a really good idea.  My hubby says “I don’t do porridge” but you know, he likes all the grains and earthy types of foods that you would get from the health food shop, so I thought “there has to be a way that I can switch this up so he will enjoy it with me”. So here it is you have to try it, he loves it now.
First for the Brown sugar apples
2 red apples cored and cut into thin wedges
2 Tablespoons of brown sugar
2 Tablespoons of honey or Maple syrup
50g water
Caramelised apples yum
Place everything in your TM bowl and cook at 100c for 12 minutes.
remove from the bowl (without cleaning, I like that part) and add
80 grams of rolled oats
200 grams of a mixture of water and milk. How much of each is totally up to you as long as it adds up to 200g.

Set your TM to 100c for 8 mins on reverse slow speed.

YUM  what about cinnamon, cardamom or change the fruit to pears or mandarin.  oh I could go on but I wont cause I just know you want to get to it and try this one.

Author: Bec


9 thoughts on “Porridge in the Thermomix”

  1. My kids struggle with porridge a bit so wanted to try this for them but your instructions are not extreemly clear. With no speed I find it hard to predict what speed is correct and I have ended up underestimating what speed and made it not quiet right.. shame as looks delicious

    1. I’m so sorry. You need to go reverse speed slow stir. Although you need to make sure you use rolled oats as well. If you use quick oats they will just turn to mush.

  2. Reverse speed slow stir means? Wat buttons do I press exactly? Sorry just got my thermomix less than a week ago n can’t wait to try this recipe.

    1. Hi Kavitha,

      reverse speed is the little button on the right with the arrow that swings around in a circular motion. It puts the blades in reverse so that it wont chomp up your oats. Slow stir is when you turn the main (speed) dial to the symbol just below 1, it has a spoon picture. This is the slowest speed your Thermomix will go. hope you love it.

  3. Hi there, this looks so yummy but i had some problems with the apples. What stir/mix number did you use? Mine just came out watery, even though I used above amounts???

    1. Hi tashaem,
      I usually do everything my sound when choosing speed on my TM. annoying when I’m sitting down writing a recipe cause I forget to add it in. 2 is fine (on reverse), the water content will be to do with the apples you’ve chosen. Juicy ones have more liquid. You can either adjust the other ingredients going in or just cook a little longer to evaporate the excess. 😉

  4. Hi Bec, really enjoyed this recipe , but my oats didnt look like yours in the photo , not as creamy looking . Next time I will try more liquid with oats , any suggestions ? Thank you

    1. It’s probably mostly due to the oats that you’ve used. All brands are milled or flaked a little differently. Once you’ve got your timing right you’ll be good to go each time. Unless of course each time you purchase a different brand. There are soft and hard, thick and thin oats. Bit tricky to give times when you have these variables.
      Yes try a bit more liquid if they were too thick but if they were over cooked you could just cut back on the time a little. Either way thanx for taking the time to ask, I’m sure you love them once their sorted.

  5. I just made this and it turned out beautifully. i added the apples back in 2 mins before the porridge was finished cooking. Thank you, will make this regularly throughout winter 🙂

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