Pintxos Such fun

During our very little tour of Barcelona, (6 hours in each port just doesn’t cut it really), our wonderful guide informed us we had an hour to explore and get some lunch. Never having been to Spain, we asked our guide, “Where we can we find a good Tapas bar?” Well really, you have to have Tapas whilst in Spain. Don’t you?

His answer was,

“Do you want tapas or Pintxos?” 

Having no idea what Pintxos was, we were very keen to find out. ‘Show us” we said.

As our guide weaved his way through the streets of Barcelona he stood in front of what is commonly called a Pintxos bar.

WOW. What fun.

He asked the English speaking waitress to explain the routine.

“You take a plate and this little metal tube, collect as many little treats (1.60 Euro each) as you like, remove each skewer and pop it into your metal tube till your full.  Sounds exciting.

Each tasty morsel is stuck through with a skewer. You eat your Pintxos, put your skewer in the tube and take it to the till to pay at the end. Very civilized, don’t you think?


Have you ever had Pintxos and what’s your favourite flavour combination? I’m thinking when our friends plan our next foodie get together, (think they all seem to revolve around food and drink) we might just have a Pintxos party.


Love to hear from you!