Pasta Class 27th March 2012

Pasta class is lots of fun.  We were fully booked for this class, which just proves to me that people are wanting to get back in the kitchen.  I showed the students how easy and time efficient it can be to make pasta at home.

Lemon Pasta (River Cafe London)

This is one of my favorites.  Lemon, Pecorino Romano, basil and rocket.  So simple but totally yummy.  Of course I like it with lots of cheese, but you probably already worked that one out.

Pappardelle with (dried) forest mushrooms

Dried forest mushroom dish would be one of my husbands favorites.  I like it too, seeming most things are kept in the pantry and you can make it when you think there’s nothing in the house to eat.  Those little dried mushrooms are packed with flavour.



We made 5 different dishes, where did the fifth one go? lol
A bowl I saved for my hubby heheheee  Yes its the mushroom one.

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