Paleo Diet




Palaeolithic Nutrition, what is it you ask?

This isn’t another quick fix diet, this is a way of life. 

It’s eating with a lifestyle based on principles from our cavemen ancestors. Paleo’s about eating clean whole foods.  When I say that, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

So what are whole foods?  We’re talking about unprocessed ingredients, local produce, free range or organic meats. If you think about our cave man ancestors they’d hunt or gather all their food.  Meats, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds and fruit without additions of non-food items to preserve or bulk out their ingredients. 

If you want to learn more about this subject why not let Emily our resident Paleo expert show you how to prepare meals and snacks that are yummy, filling and uncomplicated!

In her class you’ll learn how to create exciting recipes from these uncomplicated foods. Participants in the class will get to taste everything prepared, plus have treats to take home.

Please note this class is mainly demonstration so that Emily can show and discuss each recipe and teach more about this healthy lifestyle. Emily will use the Thermomix in class, that way she can produce all the recipes she has planned in the allotted time frame.  If you don’t have a Thermomix at home its fine because Emily will make a point of discussing alternative methods for you.

Emily will provide information on where to access organic, fresh local produce and bulk suppliers in your area.

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