Paleo Baking with Christine

There’s so much in the media these days about how we should eat.  Low fat, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, etc.  It can be very confusing, how should we eat? what should we feed our families?  Are you finding it OVERWHELMING!

This class has been structured as a main component to becoming more healthy.  Paleo is also known as our Ancestral diet, the way we ate tens of thousands of years ago without all the processed foods we’re surrounded by today, without all the chemicals, preservatives and damaging things that we face in our food on a daily basis.

Apart from Paleo meaning consuming foods in their more natural state, it includes animals that are reared naturally without all the grain feed, chemicals and antibiotics they are currently fed.  It also means excluding grains from our diet.

In this class I’ll show you why the exclusion of grains can completely or even partly enhance your energy, weight loss and clear thinking, amongst many other benefits.

We’ll cook a delicious range of grain-free breads, crackers, sweet biscuits and cakes.  After entering my world you’ll realize that by not having grains your life can change for the better.  You’ll be amazed at the results of baking without grains and you will quickly realize you need not miss out on anything at all. 

 I hope you can join me for this scrumptious class where the sights and smells will make you want more and where you will definitely want to get home to bake and share this delicious food with others.

Paleo Baking with Christine
Whole Food Cook
Food and Spirit Practitioner

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