Wow what a turn out!  We are truly blessed with great support at our Cooking school.

At the end of the day we sat around guessing at how many people came through.  My clever hubby suggested “why don’t we check how many raffle tickets are left in the books”. Well I know we had some gorgeous people who were enjoying the event so much they stayed long enough for two raffles, but there were also a lot of people that came and went in between raffles.

So, after adding up the left over tickets, our conservative estimation came in at around a Whopping 200.  WOW.

It was so squishy in our cooking school kitchen, all day, that we’ve already made plans on how we’re going to do it better next time.  I’m sorry to all those that couldn’t quite make it all the way in.

The day before, after listening to the news, we were so worried about the predicted hail, that we thought it would be best if we kept most of the food inside.  As it turned out, it was a glorious winter’s day.  With the sun shining and our lovely guests got to take advantage of the garden furniture we placed out the front.

I think next year, we might be a little like the Queen, and choose the date for our birthday celebrations.  I’m thinking early autumn might be the go.  What do you think?

I’ll be posting some of Sunday’s frequently asked questions soon. So if you had questions and couldn’t get to me, ask away,  you can ask me here. 😉


4 thoughts on “OPEN DAY 2013”

  1. Was worth the squeeze, my favourite tasting were the pistachios macroons, so good! thoroughly enjoyed it and definitely will be booking into one of your classes sometime soon. Jules 🙂

    1. No worries Jules, Thank you for coming. Macaroon classes are always a big hit at the school. 😉 They taste so much better when made from scratch with only the ingredients that were originally intended. x x x

  2. Thank you Bec, it was a wonderfull day. I’m so glad I came and finely put a face to your name.
    The food was all positively beautifull and i could see a lot of work and prep went into such a successful day.
    The carrot cake was amasing and I hope you put it up on your page. The homemade beauty products that I purchased are great and I will be doing the class.

    1. Thanx Sharon,

      We had so much fun we are already planning the next one. Thank you for coming x x x. I will have to do the TM conversion for the Carrot cake. I have been making this recipe for years and I just do it. You know what I mean. Yes the homemade beauty products are very cool, so nice to use. I will pass on your message to Angela.

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