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October/November classes

 What is happening in October at Bec’s Table

Week day Classes
©       Basic cake making.  For TM and Non TM owners  (11am till 2pm Monday 7th November) $70 per student.  Do you have problems making cakes, too heavy, dry, cracked or just not confident.  This is the class for you.  Cakes are made with only a few basic ingredients although get the ratio wrong and it can be a disaster.  In this class we will discuss why each ingredient is used, giving you confidence in creating consistency when you bake. 
©       Christmas puddings for TM and Non TM owners (10am till 1:30 Wednesday 9th November) light lunch included.  $85 per student.  In this class we will make a few different types of puddings, you will take home what you have made including the vessel you choose to make it in.  Christmas dessert sorted.
©       Making Christmas gifts for foodies (7 till 9:30pm Monday the 21st  of November) you get to take your goodies home $100 per student.  We all have someone that we never know what to buy for at Christmas time.  Food is always my choice here.  Everyone loves to eat nice food.  We will make gifts of food straight from the heart. What more could you want at Christmas time.
Weekend Classes
©       Macaroons (1pm till 3pm Saturday 26th November) Thermomix and Non Thermomix  $70 per student.  Yes they can be tricky, but I will pass on the rules to making the perfect macaroon.  How delighted will your friends be when next time you need to bring a plate.
©       Vegetarian Cooking (11am till 3pm Sunday the 4th of December) Thermomix and Non Thermomix owners.  $150 per student.  For vegetarians and people that would like to just remove meat from their diet a few nights a week. This class has been filled each time its run.  Christine talks about balance for the Vegetarian diet.  With this hands on class there are lots of recipes made and handed out.  You can check out the photo’s from the last class in the archives.
©       Whoopee Pies (10am till 12:30pm Saturday the 5th of November) $80 per student.  Well Whoopee Pies are taking over from the cupcake.  If you don’t know what they are my explanation is two soft cake like biscuits sandwiched together by a creamy decadent filling. When you eat a cupcake that’s piled high with topping its hard to get a bite size chunk of cake and topping, unless you can dislocate your jaw, although with a whoopee pie each bite gives you the perfect amount of cake and filling in every bite.  In this class we make, bake and decorate.  The usual whoopee pie can look a little boring so I have been working hard making new designs that look amazing and taste great too. These little pies pictured above are rich chocolate with a dried raspberry powder to give a little tang and filled with salted peanut cream cheese.  YUMMMM
Evening Classes
©       Curry Creations in the Thermomix. (7pm till 9:30pm  
Wednesday the 16th of November) $90 per student. 
In this class we will be working in pairs to make a Curry Feast.
From starters to dessert we have it covered. After the class you
will enjoy the fruits of your labour.  Recipe booklet to take
©       Low G.I. Snacks to keep you healthy and your blood sugar stable. (Tuesday the 8th of November 6:30 till 9:30) $80 per student.  Do you get that Nana nap feeling each day mid afternoon??  Christine will be working her magic creating tasty treats to keep your energy firing throughout the day. 
©       Delectably Italian Sweets made easy (Tuesday the 15th of November 7pm till 9:30pm) $70 Per student.  In this class Christine will be passing on some of her Nona’s favorite recipes.  Do you know much about Italian sweets.  Come and learn to make these amazing tasty treats.

 ©       Gluten Free Baking for everyday (7pm till 9:30pm Wednesday the 30th of November) $80 per student. 
Do you have a gluten intolerance or do you suspect you might have. 
In western society we tend to eat too much gluten in our daily routines, if you would like to learn how to cut it out or simply minimise the use of gluten in your diet, Christine will be able to help you.

©       Cooking for Menopause making the transition easier through the understanding of food choices. (7pm till 9:30pm Tuesday the 22nd of November) $80 per student.   Well we don’t like to talk much about this but its a real problem for some of us.  I know I’ll be there. 
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