New items that can be found at Bec’s Table


Have you tasted these salt flakes?


I have to say they are my favourite. When I do my classes I often have students asking me where they can purchase them. Well, I don’t know of anywhere around here, I use to get mine from Essential Ingredient in Prahran. I have tracked them down and bought a box full, so now I have them at the school. They are $7.60 for a 250g box. Why not pop in one Monday (between 12noon and 7pm while were open to the public) to check them out.







And what about these?  You may have seen the contestants and chef’s using these wonderful stocks on Masterchef.  Its always nice to make your own stock, but when you dont have time, the next best thing is to use the best quality ingredients with no added rubbish. These stocks are $8 a sachet but full of real flavour goodness.  If I havent had the time to make my own stock this is the product I use.


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