Milo substitute

Months ago I found a recipe for a milo substitute that was nice, but had a bit of an aftertaste that I didn’t like, so after much testing I have come up with this.

Give it a try. Don’t tell the kids its good for them and let me know what you all think of it.

Bec’s Milo

30 g linseeds

30 g sunflower seeds

30 g sesame seeds (preferably toasted for tastier results)

30 g pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

Speed 9 for 30 seconds

120 g blanched  almonds (blanched only cause this removes the slightly bitter skin)

70 g cashews (I toast these first but you don’t have to)

150 g pecan nuts

Speed 9 20 sec

Scrape down then add

100 g organic  raw cacao powder or good quality cocoa powder (dutch processed)

180 – 200 g organic rapadura sugar or raw sugar

30 seconds on speed 9

Now here is what I like to do with mine, make hot chocolate, sprinkle it on ice-cream mix it in my nephews cold milk, mix it through a cookie or cake batter, make chocolates (truffles with it), make truffles then roll them in it can you think of anything else?

If you’re not going to use all this up within a week or two keep it in the freezer that way all the goodies will be locked in and it should be fine for 3 months.  Linseeds and the like loose their potency after they have been cracked open so zip lock bags are used a lot at my place.

2 thoughts on “Milo substitute”

  1. This sounds really interesting – and good for those of us who should be avoiding empty calories but still want a chocolate drink. I wonder, though, how do you make it up as a hot chocolate? Just with hot milk or water? Clearly it wouldn’t dissolve so I’m not sure how this would work.

    1. Hey Lee,
      I would use cold or hot milk or a milk substitute. Water just wouldn’t cut it for me.
      You need to make sure your mix is ground well. But if you can cast your mind back to when you had milo and milk when you were little, the crunchy bits were the best bit. You wont be disappointed with the crunchy bits in this recipe either. 😉
      There’s enough in the mix to dissolve through the milk, making it a nice chocolaty flavour.
      Hope you like it.

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