List of preferred suppliers

This is a list of suppliers that I’ve used and am happy with their products.  I am not being paid for creating this list, it’s just my way of helping out the little man in Australia.  These are in no particular order.

Hindustan Imports Greens road Dandenong, flour, rice seeds, nuts, grains, dried fruits.  They have a lot of Aussie grown stuff as well as imported

Little Creek Beef   from Seville, Grass fed,  they have lamb too. Delivered to your door.

The Melbourne food ingredient Depot if your looking for something unusual where the kitchen meets chemistry

Raw materials they have a range of quality ingredients

Essential ingredient If you go take your credit card.  I just want want want

Leo’s Fine Foods.  Need I say more maybe take your hubbies credit card as well.  I am soo glad I don’t live close to here.

IHR Ian H. Royce. Geelong Butchers blocks and accessories.

Atuo Pot Systems Garden Smart garden systems for home and business

Flowerdale farm Micro greens Heaps of different types of micro greens to choose from.

Herbies spices in Sydney mail order is quick or a trip to Hindustan imports

Springvale for fish, fruit and veg (especially the Asian variety) oh and wok’s etc boy oh boy

My litte shop of course

I figure this list will grow as I am checking out lots of suppliers for my cooking school.  Go ahead and check them out for yourself I don’t think you will be disappointed if your a foodie like me.

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